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XO’s exclusive, 22,000 BTU fast reacting InfraRed burner can go from zero to 1000 degrees in under a minute but has the versatility to quickly adjust temperature to prepare delicate dishes as well. From simmer to sear like a steakhouse, you’ll find the power and control of this burner will make it a favorite.

XO’s unique grill design enables the Stainless Steel and InfraRed ceramic burners to be interchanged, allowing you to configure the grilling surface as you like it or change out a stainless burner for additional sear power if you choose.


  • 0 to 1000 degrees in under a minute
  • Sear like a steakhouse
  • 22,000 BTU maximum
  • Fast reacting
  • Variable temperature
  • Exchanges with Cast Stainless Steel Burners in minutes
  • Pyrolytic self cleaning

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